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Joomla Website Design, Installation and SEO

Today, Joomla is an ever changing web design platform, one that is prefered by many site owners because of its easy to use interface and that is where Joomla far outweights all of its competition. Joomla entered the market as Open Source Content management in 2005 and is now used around the world because it is the easiest to maintain, and yet offers the complexity of a good web design. In fact, many of the features of Joomla have won numerous awards, and this is the reason why many web development companies like ours, suggest to the client that the web design be created in Joomla.

Besides all of the coding possibilities, and interesting aspects to the webdesigner, Joomla is also the best platform for the website owner because once the site is finished it is easy to make Joomla Logoadditions to, change products, or information, and all of that can be done by the site owner himself without having to call on the web developper again.

We at Naz marketing believe in the power of Joomla because of all its wonderful features, that come without a price. Features like shopping carts, special codes and scripts which otherwise, the client would need to pay for to get their site to work.

What kind of sites can be created with Joomla? In reality all types of sites can be created with this wonderful platform. There have been many portals for corporate organizations, real estate agencies, e-commerce sites, hotels, schools, churches, magazines, newspapers, building sites, and yes, even personal sites created with the power of Joomla.

What makes Joomla different from other CMS platforms and why do we at Naz Marketing prefer to use it? Well the primary reason is because Joomla offers may featurs and benefits that other CMS programs charge a great deal of money for. Another great reason is becuase there is only one version of Joomla and yet there are many etensions and designs that create much beter websites with great design and with Joomla there is great user interface where the entire community can participate on the website if that is what the owner wishes. Once the Joomla website is up it can be managed in house and you do not need web experts to help you change out needed information.

The caring web developper offers Joomla to it's customers because they know it will be a site that can be fully managed by the client. The information will not have to remain the same for years to come. A site created with Joomla is easy to list well on the search engines, additional information, pictures, and art work can be added at any time, and it can all be done by the site owner themselves. So in the long run a site developped with Joomla is more cost effective, and built using better technology and programming than any other CMS platform out there.

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