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OsCommerce Shopping Cart

osCommerce has recently become a large part of the e-commerce community with more add-ons occurring at an alarming rate. There are now close to six thousand modifications designed to make online merchant stores that much more effective, thus creating more sales. Basically, osCommerce is a free online shop. Its features include user-friendly specifications for owners so they can manage, alter, and maintain the shop, with very little effort and for no extra cost. osCommerce has been in existence for eight years and since then has built almost thirteen thousand online stores.

osCommerce is the perfect answer for those in need of a platform that contains PHP web language, the durable Apache server, as well as the speedy MySQL database. PHP is used by the masses and is designed to create dynamic webpages to develop content; it can easily be used with html protocol. Almost every server understands it, and is currently used by about twenty-two million websites, at no cost. PHP is made available, license free, by the PHP corporation. The Apache server, which is arguably the best web server due to its elite functionality, is an integral part of the osCommerce platform.

For osCommerce to work effectively, it only needs to run on any PHP server, MySQL or any other affiliated server: Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, BSD, Solaris, and a host of others. Our unrequited knowledge of osCommerce that includes developing, maintaining, planning, etc., allows us to be the first choice among interested parties.

For shop owners that want desperately to allow easy access to their customers, the best designers and creators are available at Naz Marketing. We know your needs, and we are more than open to your guidance and influence. When placing a business online, it needs to standout from the others; so Naz Marketing can help integrate your ideas with ours until the perfect design is realized. It does not require an inordinate amount of technical jargon in order to create a brilliant design. We will make the process seem easy. Just sit back and relax.  Moreover, it is possible to actually contact us by phone and speak with an actual person. So many competitors seem to offer a less personal service, which only adds to confusion later down the road. So whether it's a simple layout, or a more elaborate design, Naz marketing offers abundant solutions for a variety of needs. 

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