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Viral Media Marketing

Viral marketing and advertising uses social networks already in place in order to enhance the consciousness of particular brands and additional marketing objectives. Basically, Viral marketing supports and carries out strategies to pass along a marketing message.

We at Naz Marketing are highly knowledgeable and aware of the in-depth detail required in viral marketing, and the particular brand images need to sit up-front. We use the latest marketing tools including flash games, video, advergames, software, audio posts, and text messages in our strategy.

With the right viral marketing campaign, we can enhance the scope of your project, not only to collect target audiences, but with our expertise we will assist your company in creating an optimal viral marketing plan, one sure to create a buzz. We support both small and large businesses with a highly effective approach. We can operate with your budget restrictions and formulate a plan that can accommodate your framework.

As far as viral marketing is concerned, there are three main areas that we like to focus on: firstly, we recognize power players, individuals capable of high social networking potential. Secondly, we create unique, creative messages that can win various audiences. Thirdly, we add high levels of vibrancy and interaction. With both online and offline approaches to viral marketing, we can create spontaneous interest from other users. Because of the easy format of viral marketing, it is currently the preferred method of marketing across the world. There are fewer technicalities when communicating with the global clientele because these particular marketing plans are functional across the world.

For effective viral marketing, the potential customer needs to feel something; whether it's passion, hate, anger, or sadness, he or she needs to be moved. Moreover, the strategy should involve doing the unexpected, something other than stating mere facts; one always is moved by the element of surprise. At Naz Marketing, we not only create an unusual back-story on products, we place the product into the various social mediums: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.  A good story is always behind every successful viral marketing campaign; people like to hear a tale that is captivating-not another generic ad. Another important factor is connecting with the audience; i.e. this means commenting on products, communicating with others about the products, and then passing on vital information. Lastly, we always withdraw any website restrictions: no registering, no becoming members, no codes, and certainly no jumping through hoops to find the right link.   

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