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Zen Cart Shopping Cart

Zencart allows the user to operate his or her online store with relative ease; a Zencart is one of the most current software applications taking the place of the standard shopping service software. Its functionality is far better because it is not only powerful, but extremely flexible, user-friendly, and easy to maintain: easy tracking of inventory, easy digital product downloads, collectable payments, invoices, packing slips, etc. The shopping experience for customers fairs better with Zencart.

Naz Marketing has taken on creating Zencart websites for clients from the beginning: in 2003. Perhaps the best thing about Zencart is its user-friendly interface. We insist on creating a store that exceeds your expectations. We will provide ample maintenance, support, as well as ideas, and make sure that you're up-to-speed on the latest technology, as part of the service. The goal isn't for you to pay a monthly fee for the maintenance and become reliant upon us, but rather it is to teach you the necessary techniques required to make sure that your Zencart store is successful.  At Naz Marketing, we enjoy creating as many websites as possible, so we want to empower you, so that you can operate the store efficiently. However, if you should find yourself in need of our support team, do not hesitate to ask, that is why we are here.

A standard Zencart website typically doesn't take much time to create, but if there are a lot of intricacies and modifications it can take a bit longer. Zencart has the same attributes as any leading ecommerce platform: credit card acceptors, (Linkpoint, Paypal, Yourpay), checks, money orders, and any other means of entering financial information online. All of these payment options and more are possible with Zencart.

Although Naz Marketing is continuing to grow, we like to see ourselves as an intimate group that assists clients on a personal level, so we want to make sure that we prioritize communication; i.e., everyone you speak to at Naz Marketing will be up-to-speed on your requirements and project specifications. When a date for creating your website has been established, we will request all of your store (product) information, etc., which will make the entire process faster.

This way you won't have to constantly pay for alterations. Zencart's recent popularity has to do with its user-friendly applications that can easily be modified: administration files, data-feed, forums, super orders, catalogues, etc. Naz marketing can install these modifications with ease and offer the best Zencart package available.

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